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Quality Policy

Quality Mission
We constantly provide customers with stable and good quality auto parts with most reasonable prices to meet the market demands.

Quality Support
Every manufacturing process is strictly in accordance with ISO-9001 quality management system.
Have rich experience of quality control operation
Know products performance and quality analysis
Introduce advanced processing equipment and assembly line.
Source quality suppliers of raw material
Have the ability of research and development.

Quality Control Process
Based on ISO-9001 quality management, we formulate the relative processing guide so that semi-finished products are transferred to another working procedure without any defects and quality problems, through a complete set of efficient and corrective working programs, we reach a reduction of waste and error in the course of production and achieve the maximum possible quality guarantee.

Quality Raw Materials
As a matter of estimation experience, all quality sources are requested to meet our quality standard requirements in order to guarantee that all items are suitable for market, every procurement of raw materials has detailed test report so that we analyze and test before processing, all what we do is to carry out our quality requirements and produce the certificated quality items.